Mexican singer, 21, ‘shot dead’ by controlling husband, 79

According to reports, a singer was gunned down in the middle of a restaurant by her elderly husband after she attempted to divorce him.

According to police, Yrma Lydya, 21, was shot dead by Jesus Hernandez, 79, last Thursday inside a private room at a Japanese restaurant in Mexico City.

When a row broke out at Suntory in the Benito Juarez neighbourhood, Hernandez allegedly shot his young wife three times in the chest.

According to the Mexican newspaper Excelsior, Lydya contacted a law firm in April about starting the divorce process after a string of domestic violence incidents.

According to reports, the folk music artist also provided photos of her bruised face as evidence.

Hernandez and his bodyguard, Benjamin Hernandez, were allegedly caught fleeing the restaurant in a luxury car.

Despite Jesus Hernandez allegedly attempting to bribe arresting officers into releasing him, the pair were taken into custody.

According to reports, Hernandez had threatened his wife with a gun before in a series of alleged violent attacks.

Lydya filed a police report after her husband beat her in December 2021, but she decided to give her marriage another chance.

Mexican singer, 21, ‘shot dead’ by controlling husband, 79

According to Mexico City security chief Omar Garcia Harfuch, Hernandez arrived at the restaurant at 2 p.m. last Thursday and left four hours later, according to Milenio.

His wife arrived soon after, and gunfire allegedly rang out throughout the venue after the two became embroiled in a fight.

According to a witness, a cop at the restaurant rushed to the private room and restrained Hernandez.

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The singer was scheduled to perform at a concert in Glendale, California on Saturday, but died a few days earlier after being shot three times in the chest, according to police.

It was part of the Grandiosas 12 concert series, which brought together Central and South American singers in the United States and Mexico.

Mexican singer, 21, ‘shot dead’ by controlling husband, 79

Jesus Hernandez and Benjamin Hernández appeared in court for the first time on Sunday and are being held in pretrial detention at a prison in Mexico City while authorities continue their investigation.

Hernandez requested home confinement due to his age, but the judge denied his request.

The lawyer pleaded not guilty and stated in court that he did not murder Lydya.

He is scheduled to appear in court again on Thursday.

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