Trick Williams wins against heavily pushed NXT Superstar

Wes Lee was defeated in his most recent NXT match against Trick Williams after his opponent surprised him by using “rubbing alcohol.”

Wes Lee is one of NXT 2.0’s rising stars due to his athleticism and in-ring charisma. Carmelo Hayes, the North American Champion, has also backed Trick Williams.

Lee came in shorthanded during a match on NXT: The Great American Bash after Williams used the assistance of Carmelo Hayes and a foreign object, allegedly rubbing alcohol.

Both men were restrained before the match began. Trick defeated his adversary by shoving him into the corner where Hayes was standing. Lee, however, managed to escape the hold and make a few strikes.

Williams entered a corner once more to speak with the North American Champion. The latter then whispered some advice and gave him “water.” With Trick and Lee back on their feet, the match accelerated.

Wes threw Trick out of the ring as the match came to an end. Williams poured what appeared to be rubbing alcohol on his hands while turning away from his rival and the referee.

WWE NXT 2.0 Great American Bash Results

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