'Jeopardy!' fans threaten boycott: Fire this host

“Jeopardy!” Due to the fact that Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings would be sharing hosting duties, many have threatened to boycott the show.

The popular game show said on Wednesday that its two temporary hosts will remain in their jobs.

From September to January, Jennings hosted, then from January to the completion of the season, Bialik took over.

Additionally, the "Call Me Kat" actress will host special tournaments including "Celebrity Jeopardy!"

while Jennings will host the Second Chance Tournament and the Tournament of Champions.

That was unwelcome news for some viewers as both the history-making “Jeopardy!” Hosts

Hundreds of people responded to the announcement on Twitter, many of whom were upset to learn that Bialik will remain on the show.

“Great! I’ll watch through December when Ken hosts. I will not watch any Jeopardy Mayim hosts,” one person wrote on Twitter 

“And I am permanently not watching,” another person declared...There is lots of Negative comments

However, others said that Jennings is the problem. But a small group of People like to watch Bialik

“Mayim needs practice. I agree. But she has a far superior Jeopardy voice for reading clues like Alex did. That’s why they picked Mayim.”

In Other "Jeopardy!" scandal revelations left social media shocked last week.

when all three contestants missed a question about 11-time Grammy Award-winner Taylor Swift

What did Taylor Swift get a doctorate in?