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Marilyn Monroe experts say Kim K isn’t worthy


Some still like it hot — but this look is not good for “Marilyn’s legacy” on the 60th anniversary of her death, according to self-proclaimed protectors

While many pondered, “How do you even go about acquiring a dress Marilyn Monroe wore?”

some Monroe experts were not happy when Kim Kardashian ascended the steps Monday at the Met Gala while wearing the Hollywood legend’s most iconic dress.

The reality star and shape wear maven, 41, borrowed the sparkly beige gown the goddess wore in 1962 to sing “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy

Kardashian even forced herself to lose weight to fit into the curvaceous lewk and later changed into a replica of it to keep on partying the night away.

“The gown is extremely fragile and has been previously kept in temperature-controlled conditions, but now here it is

not only being worn, but also in a red carpet environment, where anything could have happened to it,” she continued.

Morgan noted that “sweat, perfume and makeup” could have possibly gotten onto the dress and caused “untold damage and staining.”

However, Kardashian reportedly went body-makeup free to the event

Meanwhile, Monroe fans also shared their thoughts about the viral fashion moment across social media.