These Stars Are Related?!

The "Ex's & Oh's" singer is the SNL vet's daughter, born from his relationship with former model London King.

Elle King & Rob Schneider

The rapper and Fast & Furious franchise star is cousins with the R&B singer thanks to her stepfather, Reverend Edward Best, who happens to be Luda's uncle.

Ludacris & Monica

The Grown-ish star calls the rapper her second cousin. She was even the flower girl in his 2005 wedding with now ex-wife Kelis!

Yara Shahidi & Nas

The comedian and the New York Senator are actually related, as he's the first cousin of her father.

Amy Schumer & Chuck Schumer

The outspoken British singer is the older sister of the Game of Thrones star. She even wrote a song about him titled "Alfie."

Lily & Alfie Allen

The gorgeous Parks and Recreation actress is the daughter of the legendary music producer.

Rashida & Quincy Jones

The Oscar winner is second cousins with the former Arizona congresswoman

Gwyneth Paltrow & Gabrielle Giffords

Who knew the stunning Dancing With the Stars pro is second cousins with the Friends star?

Lacey & David Schwimmer

Fannings and the Duchess of Cambridge are all descendants of King Edward III, who ruled England from 1327 to 1377, making them very distant relatives—21st cousins, to be exact

Kate Middleton & Dakota and Elle Fanning