Wheel Of Fortune fans beg show to ‘FIRE’ host Pat Sajak

By: QuotesDp

WHEEL of Fortune fans are calling for Pat Sajak to be fired or "retire" from the show amid his roughly 40 year tenure as host.

Viewers are growing increasingly displeased with his overall demeanor and think it's time to hand over the reigns.

Following Wednesday night's episode of Wheel of Fortune, viewers expressed some strong opinions about the show's longtime host.

Twitter was flooded with calls for Pat, 75, to walk away from the show, whether that means the network firing him or him retiring

"#Jeopardy time with @missmayim after awful Wheel of Fortune episode! Let’s go Ryan Long! Happy Wednesday Jeopardy fam! @Jeopardy," one Twitter user wrote.

Another Twitter user simply wrote: "I wish Pat Sajak would retire from Wheel of Fortune."

In April, the National Enquirer reported that the Wheel of Fortune crew had, in the past, complained about the host's behavior.

A source told the media: “It’s no wonder no one on the show mentioned his 40th anniversary as host. He’s not a very well-liked guy.”

The harsh comments come as the TV personality's behavior has been questioned, specifically his remarks towards co-host Vanna White.

Viewers slammed pat for an "inappropriate question" he asked the hostess last week.