Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak forced to ‘calm down’ contestant

By: QuotesDp

WHEEL of Fortune host Pat Sajak had to step in and 'calm down' a contestant on the game show after she made a major mistake.

During Thursday's episode of Wheel of Fortune, contestant Amy could hardly contain her excitement to compete.

As she and her fellow competitors guessed at various puzzles on the game show, viewers speculated that she was unclear about the rules of the game.

Many noted several slip-ups – one of which cost her dearly.

At one point, Amy spun and landed on a trip to Hawaii, but quickly lost the lush vacay when she guessed a letter already on the board.

"Such a careless mistake...losing the chance for a million and a trip to Hawaii by calling an existing letter... amy," one Twitter user wrote.

During the show, Pat had to jump in to calm Amy, urging her to shake her hands and take a moment to collect herself.

Following Wednesday's episode of Wheel of Fortune, several viewers slammed Pat, who has been hosting the show for more than 40 years.

In April, the National Enquirer reported that the Wheel of Fortune crew had, in the past, complained about the host's behavior.

It all started innocently enough, as Pat asked his longtime co-star if she was an "opera buff?"