Who was Papa Jim and what was his cause of death?

INTERNET star Papa Jim has died at the age of 92, according to reports.

Papa Jim was a prankster who would do everything from skinny dipping to quad biking on Duncan's massively popular channel.

But while it may have seemed he was related to the YouTube star, he was in fact the grandad of Duncan's assistant, David Tomchinsky.

In 2021, Papa Jim had fallen victim to a death hoax as rumors circulated online that he had died, The Focus reported.

It is not known how the much loved grandad died as his family has not released a statement.

What was Papa Jim's cause of death?

But Duncan revealed the tragic news on his Instagram account on May 12, 2022.

He posted: “Thank you for all the laughs and unforgettable memories. I love you, Papa Jim.”

David Tomchinsky works for Duncan's brand as an Executive Assistant and Social Media Manager.

Who is Papa Jim's grandson David Tomchinsky?

he describes himself as an "experienced social media manager, producer, and account executive".