Trick Williams wins against heavily pushed NXT Superstar

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Wes Lee has struggled to find his place in NXT 2.0 without the help of his longtime friend and tag team partner.

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He's instead relied on NXT 2.0 fans who never gave up on him. Lee bore his soul in front of the fans in an emotional promo, only for Trick Williams to derail things.

Now, at the Great American Bash tonight, we'll find out just what Lee is made of when he takes on Williams in singles action.

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Trick Williams Gets A Big Time Singles Victory

Trick Williams would have new theme music and equipment for this match in honour of Muhammad Ali.

Williams was given a water break before being taken down with a headscissor and dropkick.

Lee would be stomped out on the mat after being caught with a twisting powerslam. Williams attempted to start a chant of 'Trick Trick Boma-Ye' before submitting in the ring.

Wendy Choo & Tiffany Stratton Brawl It Out

Tiffany Stratton would be getting ready for her match backstage, only to have Wendy Choo drive powder into her face.

Choo would try to run Stratton down with an equipment cart, resulting in a wild brawl

Trick Williams wins against heavily pushed NXT Superstar