Yankees duo raise eyebrows with slow jogs to first

Josh Donaldson extended his hit streak to 10 games on Monday, but one of his outs got more attention in the Yankees ’1-0 win over Rangers.

In the sixth inning of the game with no score, Donaldson hit the ground on a short halt, where Corey Seiger foamed the ball. But Donaldson immediately lowered his head when he dropped the batsman’s box on a light walk, which gave Cesar plenty of time to throw the ball into the coral and out first.

DJ LeMahieu later woke up on his own ground to lead the Yankees to an eight-inning lead before the rally won the game.

Aaron Bone said after the victory that he had not talked to Donaldson or Limahio about the dramas.

“I think when you get caught slowing down, you’ll know right away,” Bonn said. “There are times when you have to say something. The DJ didn’t have a problem because it wasn’t necessary.” But Donaldson probably took his gaze away from him in a second.

For some of our boys, walking is important and ensures that we are running with the right gait. But I think whenever you make a mistake, you usually know it. Now and then you have something to say. I haven’t said anything yet. ”

With a single in the fourth inning, Donaldson recorded the first hit of the Yankees game. The 36-year-old now has one hit with six walks and eight strikeouts in each of his last 10 games. He is currently hitting .278 with three doubles.

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“The thing I like about him is that he’s grinding now and going on a ton basis,” Bonn said before the game. “Achieving some great success here and there. I think it’s a sign of a great hitter, when you’re grinding it and you’re at that level and blending into your hit, when it clicks, He’s one of those guys who can stretch out ka. ”

A day after Yankee Stadium was described as “Little League Ball Park”, Rangers manager Chris Woodward continued to return comments.

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Woodward’s initial dig came when Glauber Torres hit a walk-off home run on the short porch on the right field in Game 1 of Sunday’s double-header, saying “it was easy at 99% of Ball Parks.”

While Statcast disagreed, Woodward said after Sunday that he was joking before saying on Monday that he regretted his statements.

“Maybe bad words from me,” Woodward told reporters. “I set it up for a lot of people. But listen, I didn’t mean to offend the place.

And clearly it’s a world-class organization, Balpark. I’m always talking about being one of my favorite places to play, but I wonder why Yankee fans would bother with it. That’s why I love them. ”

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